Jul 10, 2013

#WayBackWednesdays | Chief Keef - Bang | @CHlEFKEEFSOSSA

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Cmon man seriously!!! How is this even possible all these lil whack azz ninjas with no skill at all making tracks."   WAIT! Did we really say that back then, YEAH! Ok so Feb.25.2012 we came across this video and felt bad for the direction of the youth in Chicago. Not only was CHIEF KEEF basically a baby at the time (15 Years Old) talking about guns and everything else under the sun that's wrong with the youth today we also actually felt he wasn't talented. Now about a year and a half later we look back and  Mr. Keith Cortez is FINALLY FAMOUS, He's been on songs with WAKAFLOKA, WIZ KHALIFA, YOUNG JEEZY, 50 CENT, and was feature on KANYE WEST "YEEZUS" album! I guess the saying is true time flies when you're...never mind, before I digress, I say this to say that here at WHACKSTARS.com we only give our HONEST opinion but at the same time, our opinion doesn't determine your success. Not only did CHIEF KEEF create a road to riches but he also brought his childhood friends along for the ride, giving them opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have. No matter what you say about him, you have to respect the fact that one day he was a broke kid from Englewood, Chicago destined to fall victim and become a statistic and the next he was FINALLY FAMOUS! We here at WHACKSTAR don't recant our previous statement from February of 2012 BUT we will say that we are very proud of what he has became as a celebrity and musician creating a muti-million dollar brand  with an ad-lib (BANG), a DJ KENN beat, and a D.GAINZ video (Which our 2 other great stories). I only hope he'll leave the legal troubles behind and continue to progress and shine light on a city (Chicago) that would other wise be as dark as the future of many of the youth who fall victim to gun violence.
BANG! BANG! #StopTheViolence 

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