Dec 5, 2012

THUMBS DOWN: Liljay #00 Prizzo Bigt aka The Chinaman Villa Vae The Movement/shot by @onetrey_thereal

Gave one of they joints a Thumbs Up yesterday, guess it caught me off guard or something cause they right back at it with some trash smh. This wasn't all the way horrible but its the same old nonsense. Lyrical content was weak, visual was weak, and this producer wanna be Young Chop so bad its ridiculous. We got to this one at about 550 views and it dropped yesterday so it'll move. Maybe all those other guys shouldn't have been on this one Have a listen and drop a comment. On to the next one

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12/06/2012

    If you ask me, all they shit stink. But that is just the opinion of one person who knows one of these scrubs personally.