Oct 7, 2013

A Message From The Editor In Chief

    Good afternoon artists, viewers, and fellow bloggers. I just wanted to put something out to kind of lay out the new order of operations. Nothing much has changed we still ask that you submit all music to whackstars@gmail.com or the submissions tab on the page. Soundcloud, YouTube, HulkShare, and just about any other sharing site works(We will not upload to a sharing site for you any raw MP3s) . In an effort to keep the site truly unbiased there are several writers who all write reviews under the whackstars name, we do have some other contributors who will from time to time post from their personal accounts as well. This way we keep those individuals hidden so no friends, family members, or artists can tip the scale on reviews. The way we review is simple we look at three things visual quality, production, and lyrical content and rate either 2 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Up, Thumbs down or 2 Thumbs down if needed. So just an example you submit a song with no video there's no way you can get 2 Thumbs Up as you missed an entire category. Now we ask that anything you submit be no older than 2 weeks, as we'd like to keep content as fresh as possible. Mondays will be Mixtape Mondays where we will only post mixtape links and the Mixtape of the week will be chosen from the post with the most views from the week prior. So send those tapes in before Monday. Same goes for video of the week so if your after those slots promote your post to your fans. Tuesday will be a regular review day, Wednesday will be a regular review day with a highlighted post from the past (Way Back Wednesdays). Thursdays will be a regular review day and Fridays will be a regular review day with some funny shit we run across throughout the week. The weekends we will take time to maintain site and work on other endeavors such as our Mixtape and Showcase projects. Any questions concerns or comments should be emailed to Whackstars@gmail.com and remember we do this for the music and we not hating or bashing any artists just giving opinions. The site is free and will always be free to get your music posted but we do have stationary mixtape and ad slots on the page for promotional purposes. Keep grinding at your craft and don't send us no weak shit.

Thanks for all the continued support
Whackstars.com Staff

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