Mar 21, 2013

THUMBS UP: K.C.P Family check a bag v-down

Kinda wanted to go Thumbs Down just cause of buddy in the white tee, but it was decent song. The video was weak but other than that its cool. So take a listen and drop a comment. On to the next one


  1. Anonymous3/25/2013

    This Shit Is Raw Fuck You Talking bout Dumb Ass Nigga

  2. Anonymous3/25/2013

    Beat dope But um negro u trippn Mix suckz Barz weak...Too much Compression on the weak barz
    Hook ok...definitely a thumbz down...

  3. Anonymous9/24/2013

    all you fuck niggas hating on homie this shit hot in i hear in seen some more videos from them they shit hotter then most of these niggas shit out here so thumbs up for me stop hatting so much ya'll sound like BITCHS