Jan 23, 2013


Okay so we get a lot of submissions that are to old to feature. We normally wont feature anything older than 2 weeks. We do this because if we accepted everything we would be writing forever. Now since we want to support everyone we came up with "Voice Of The People" in which basically we'll post anything for one day only but we wont write we'll let the people say if its whack or not. So this Friday will be the first day. If you would like to submit simply send us the links to your music (the link must be from a sharing site) with "Voice Of The People" in the subject box to WhackStars@gmail.com or the submissions page on site. We will not upload any raw mp3s as this will take way to long. You will have up until 6a Friday morning to get the submissions in. Please be considerate and only submit once, if all goes well we plan to do this every Friday. Viewers who comment can make comments anonymously or use Google profile names. Once again this is for everyone to have a chance to get featured on Whackstars.com so dont take it personal if somebody says your joint whack.  

Thanks for all the support,
Esquire Montana

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