Jan 22, 2013

Tony Treble A-Track Studios Promo

Check out this dope producer out of Lacuna Artists Lofts in Chicago. Ive personally seen this cat play most of the instruments he has in the studio. So take a listen and if you like the work maybe yall should do some work. Here's a little contact info and pricing Rates for recording: $30hr, 5hr blocks are $175, and 10hr blocks are $300. Contact Fred for booking (312)-285-6876 or email crossmanagement09@gmail.com. Or you can contact Tony Treble (708)-218-2791 or email tonytreble@gmail.com. A-Track Studio Located 2150 s Canalport Chicago Il 60608. And in true whackstars fashion this cat last name is Treble that shit always been funny af to me ha ha. On to the next one

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