Feb 24, 2012

THUMBS DOWN: Christaun "Fucked Up"

Okay Okay Okay Now this one right here is exactly what this Blog is about. Exposing all these horrible Artists!!! My god this kid def needs to quit, like who recorded this for you my dude smh. Oh and hes a triple threat rapping and singing and both talents are equally horrible. I wanna know who produced the track though. Producers please dont give your music to just anybody, because your featured as well as the artist. This dude is Def a WhackStar no doubt. You can follow this cat @Only1_Christaun if you wanna but we dont recommend it. Shoutout to @SocialiteSNOW for recommending this joint!!! #SNOWyourSUPPORT


  1. Anonymous2/24/2012

    OMG dude would sound so much better with auto tune!!! *Thumbs Down*

    1. I dont think we can find anything more horrible smh!!!

  2. Anonymous2/25/2012

    this shit is theee fucking worst lmaooooooooooo

  3. Jay Porter2/25/2012

    production...WEAK! lyrics.....WEAK!!! rapping....SUCKS!!! singing....-__________-