Feb 25, 2012

THUMBS DOWN: Chief Keef "Bang"

Bang! Bang! Bang! Cmon man seriously!!! How is this even possible all these lil whack azz ninjas with no skill at all making tracks now? Why dont they have on any shirts, why dont they rap about something other than guns and smoking. These kids probably have never seen those rounds, sadly this is what the youth is listening to. At almost 800,000 views and a feature from Lil B that Base God Dude, this was featured on WGCI and trending on twitter instantly afterward. Sorry people this is not an example of good music, furthermore the production sucks my 4 year old could make this beat. We Say Whack AF and i wont waste anymore time on this one. On to the next!!!


  1. where is the director who wasted some of his equipment's life to record such trash?? who's youtube account was this posted from? but to the elements of hip hop.....metaphors...NON-EXISTENT....story telling....*looks around aimlessly*....substance....not even gonna go there...all I got out of this was..."bitch" "hoe" "dick" "guns" "weed" yea a bunch of BS...WEAK!!!!!!!!!!